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Catty Wampus

Catty Wampus

Our mission is to give children the space to unleash their imagination, their highest form of creativity, and the most fun they can have in their own minds.

So, welcome to our land of make believe. A world where anything and everything is possible. We believe in the importance of Imagination, wondering if it faded back when the rocking horse was put in the cupboard to be replaced with a GameBoy. The nostalgic appreciation of the simplicity you enjoyed as a child means you know some things will never date. And, that’s the ability to imagine.

The idea of Cattywampus was born – We make clever spaces for little humans. We make clever spaces for little humans. Because we believe in their ideas: big, strange, upside down and wonderful.

It’s all gone Cattywampus, as it should – In the imagination’s playground.