6 Questions for Bec Douros

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Super stylish, career driven & with an extremely adorable son (Archie) to match, Bec Douros is our 'it' Mum of the moment - and rightfully so! 

With baby number two on the way and about to begin their next house renovation, we were lucky enough to chat with Bec amongst the hustle and bustle of her crazy life.

Bec shares with us tips on traveling with a toddler, going into business with your partner & everything in between. With 2018 fast approaching it's about time we set some New Years resolutions! 

What has been the most unexpected thing about being a Mum?

How time is everything. We live our lives to a routine to keep everyone on top of everything. I sometimes think back and wonder what I did with my time, my days off and my weekends! Now I have to really plan my time with my husband and I’m starting to think about how I will spend my time between two children. I want to make sure Archie feels I have all the time in the world for him too!

We know you and George have your business Nectaar together, do you have any advice for someone wanting to start a business with their partner?

I use to have a business partner which was great for a while and then I got pregnant and mum life kicked in! I realised quickly that there really is only one person that understands how important my work is to me but how being a mum is my first job! We have always worked well together and have trust in each other so it’s a great mix.

How have you careers changed since having Archie?

We have just have to learn to adapt the best strategies to keep organised so we can maximise our time at work and also with Archie. I have also had to learn that I can’t do everything and outsourcing is a great plan at times.

You recently travelled to Greece, any advice for Mums planning on taking a little one on a European adventure?

I was so nervous about traveling to Europe with Archie but I have worked hard to get him in a great routine at home which really paid off while traveling. Kids are so adaptable and really feed off you and your energy. I packed lots of snacks, we allowed screen time and his bunny came along everywhere for the ride.

Renovating with a baby … Do you have any tips for someone game enough to do it?

Plan. Plan every detail!

What are the Interior / Property Instagram accounts we have to stalk?





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